New Product Updates: Course Launch. Pay As You Go, Dollar Wallet


Apr 23, 2024


Nelson Eze

Nelson Eze


It has been about 6 months since our last product update where we informed you of the New Product Features to make your Memberships and Payments Easier. Since then, we have not stopped a single day developing new ways to support and help you reach your goals.

This article is not just about any of our ‘other’ product features that has helped you sell your courses, communities and events. In this update, we introduce you to new features that directly influence how and where you sell your products online:

1. Courses: You can now host your courses (video and audio) directly on Nestuge. This means that you don't have to upload your videos to different google drive folders based on their modules.

With this feature, you will be able to:

  • Upload your course modules (audio, video, pdf ) and the worksheet directly on Nestuge.

  • See the progress of your students and how far they have gone in completing the courses for reward purposes, 

  • Issue automated certificates to your students with your brand name etc.

2. New Pricing Model: Before the introduction of the PAYG model, everyone could experience JUST A BIT of Nestuge for free; only users who subscribed to the premium package were able to use a greater spectrum of Nestuge. With the new PAYG model, EVERYONE CAN USE EVERYTHING in Nestuge FOR FREE. This means that users can, for example, sell unlimited courses with up to 4K video quality and HD audio for free, you can create unlimited payment plans, collect unlimited form data and even customize your nest url etc.

This model also comes with Free 2GB worth of Storage for your digital products and FREE 50 automated actions. When you need more, you can now pay a tiny fee based on your usage - $0.0001 per extra MB and $0.005 per extra run.

If you are already on the free platform, you will be notified to onboard again. If you are on the premium platform, we will convert your premium fee (#5000) to $5 worth of credit. 

Existing hosts who have a wallet balance may be able to buy credits using their wallet option instead of using a card. 

An alternative to the Pay-As-You-Go subscription is the fixed $9.99 subscription for users who would like to make single monthly payments instead—robust users may find this a more cost effective option. 

If you subscribe to the fixed pricing, you get: Unlimited Nests (products), Access to all our features, Up to 75 GB of storage (does not reset monthly; unused space only remains available with subscription renewal), 1000 automation runs (resets monthly) and Sales, Analytics & Engagement tools

3. Dollar Wallet: As you know, you can receive payment in multiple currencies. Additionally, with this feature, when you choose to receive your settlement into your wallet, we convert every successful transaction to dollars regardless of the currency of sale which you can then withdraw in your local currency at any time. 

This means that if you make a sale when conversion rate is 1 dollar to 1000 naira and you make the withdrawal from your wallet when the rate is now 1 dollar to 1200 naira, you will be withdrawing your funds at the new rate and as such increasing your revenue. Cool right?

If you don't want this feature please ensure you go to your brand setting, and select "Automatically settle to your payout account" under settlement type.  

4. Updated Transactions Fee: We are simplifying our transactions fee by dividing it into two - Local transactions fee and International transactions fee.

When you receive money in your local currency, we charge you a transaction fee. And when you receive money from other currencies we charge you a standard fee irrespective of the country.
For example, if you are in Nigeria and you receive payments in naira, we charge you 3.9% + ₦50 and when you receive payments in other currencies like USD or KES , we charge you 7.5%.

Please feel free to make adjustment to your product pricing if need be to accommodate this change.

To know the local and international transactions fee for your country, please visit our pricing page

If you have any concern or question about this feature, feel free to send us a mail at

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