Who we are

A group of passionate and dedicated skilled professionals who have come together to work on problem-solving projects using cutting edge technologies to make human interactions and living easier. We make our target audience our priority and as such seek for better new innovations to make sure that get the best.


The Campuskonekt platform is a project which is being handled by our team and is set to bring campus students from all over the world together and enable them grow one another through the showcase and promotion of their skills, talents, creativity and business or projects.
Campuskonekt integrates both the social and intellectual features and the fact that it gets all students #konekted is interesting to all.

Campuskonekt Ambassadors Program

We initiated a program to recruit brand ambassadors who will represent, promote and explain what the Campuskonekt platform is all about and why their fellow students need to get konekted. Right now, we have Ambassadors in different campuses in 3 countries.

They share in joy that comes with staying konekted.