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Apr 23, 2024


Ruth Okoli

Ruth Okoli

Head of Growth, Marketing

Today, the 24th of April, we launched a new pricing model called Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) model. 

What does this mean?

Before the introduction of the PAYG model, everyone could experience JUST A BIT of Nestuge for free; only users who subscribed to the premium package were able to use a greater spectrum of Nestuge. With the new PAYG model, EVERYONE CAN USE EVERYTHING in Nestuge FOR FREE. This means that users can, for example, sell unlimited courses - video, audio and PDF for free, use multiple payment plans, collect unlimited form data and even customize your nest url etc.

How does the Pay-As-You-Go model work?

Anyone who signs up on Nestuge, including existing users, get:

  1. Unlimited Nests (products): Create and sell an unlimited number of products via Nestuge.

  2. Access to all our features: Use all Nestuge features without any restrictions.

  3. Free 2GB of storage, $0.0001 per extra MB: One-time sufficient cloud storage for all your files; plus pay less for extra.

  4. Free 50 automation runs, $0.005 per extra run: Increase efficiency and productivity with automations that renew for you monthly; plus pay less for extra.

  5. Sales, Analytics & Engagement tools: Reach global audiences from the comfort of your Nest at no cost.


How do I switch to the Pay-As-You-Go pricing?

All hosts on  Nestuge, new or existing, will be required to follow the steps below to complete the PAYG set up.

  1. After a successful sign up/sign in, you will be redirected to complete the 3-stage onboarding process.

  2. Complete the first 2 stages of the onboarding process.

  3. In stage 3 Billing, you will be prompted to choose between the Pay-As-You-Go plan or the Fixed Plan. If you click on Pay-As-You-Go plan, you will be asked to Add Payment Card or Buy Credits. If you add your payment card, you will be redirected to securely input your card information. Please note that no charges will be made to the card. Alternatively, if you encounter any issue with adding your card, you can buy credits.

    The reason for adding your card or buying credit is so that we can charge you at the end of the month when you exceed the free 2 Gigabyte worth of storage and the 50 automation runs.

Existing hosts on the premium plan will be given 5 dollars worth credits to pay for extra automated runs



Want to pay a fixed $9.99 monthly fee instead?

An alternative to the Pay-As-You-Go subscription is the fixed $9.99 subscription for users who would like to make single monthly payments instead—robust users may find this a more cost effective option. 

If you subscribe to the fixed pricing, you get:

  1. Unlimited Nests (products)

  2. Access to all our features

  3. Up to 75 GB of storage (does not reset monthly; unused space only remains available with subscription renewal)

  4. 1000 automation runs (resets monthly)

  5. Sales, Analytics & Engagement tools

If you have any concern or question about this feature, feel free to send us a mail at
Sign up to your dashboard to get started!

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