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Mar 13, 2024




Digital Marketer

In our previous blog we explored the power of turning our followers into an active and supportive community. 

Taking it a step further, let's discuss how to monetise your online community via passive income streams.

Passive incomes are earnings that are generated with little to no effort or active involvement on your part. It is income that continues to flow in even when you are not actively working.

Imagine earning money while you focus on doing what you love the most - creating amazing content for your community.

Here are some exciting ideas we curated for you, which will help you to monetize your expertise while building a bond with your followers.


1. Digital Products
Creating and selling digital products is a sure way to generate passive income. Consider crafting ebooks, courses or master classes that provide value to your community.

With Nestuge, You can sell your digital products without hassle and even automate emails to your audience to keep them active and ready to buy whatever products you launch next. Create a Nest on Nestuge and start selling now. This way, you have turned your followers into paying customers and also established a sustainable income stream.


2. Affiliate Marketing 

Partnering with brands or companies that align with your content can be a win- win for both parties. Through affiliate marketing you can promote their product or services through your community. 

That is why we have made this feature available to you on Nestuge. You can now sell as an affiliate markerter for anyone who has a digital product on Nestuge. When someone makes a purchase using your unique affiliate link you earn a commission. That way, you are monetizing your influence without the hassle of creating your own products.


3. Exclusive Membership Subcription 

Building a sense of exclusivity with your community can be a powerful strategy. Create a WhatsApp or Telegram community with  access to premium content, behind the scene updates or exclusive perks, use our Telegram bot to send scheduled messages and manage members who default payments. 

By providing an extra level of value, you are making your followers aware that there is more to what you do asides what is available on your social media platforms. With this, you can create  a sustainable income stream.

4. Consultations and Workshops 

You can schedule online consultation calls to attend to your community members on a personal level or create an extensive workshop or webinar to share your knowledge on topics you are great at. Our Google Calendar feature is great for setting up the conference call details and sending out reminders to both parties before the meeting. You can find this feature under "Integrations" on our your Nestuge dashboard.

5. Live Hangouts 

Most of your community members would love to see you in person and interact with you.

Set up a picnic, sip and paint or a meet and greet to hangout with your community members in real time. Use the ‘Event Nest’ on your Nestuge dashboard to set up all the details and sell the event tickets. 


Remember, building a community and earning passive income go hand in hand. Partner with Nestuge to monetise your expertise while you focus on becoming a creative genius!

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