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Jan 29, 2024


Ruth Okoli

Ruth Okoli

Head of Growth, Marketing

We asked some of our Users about their review on Nestuge so far and these are some of the amazing feedback and reviews they had about Nestuge. 

Yai Process Toolbox - Business Strategist

Q - How has Nestuge made your monetisation process easier? 

One of the main issues I and many other digital businesses (especially Africans) struggle with is the ease of receiving payments for our products and the ease of receiving our payouts.

Nestuge has been doing a great job in alleviating that stress. Ever since I started using them for my products, the customer service has been spectacular and my issues get solved real fast.

Lucky Elohor - Brand Monetization and Sales Funnel Strategist.

Q - You have used Nestuge for a while, what do you have to say about our platform?

Yes, I have. Nestuge has helped with my automation process. As someone who works with different clients and juggles between my business and day job, it is nice to have a platform to coordinate and manage my sales.

When I make a sale, I don’t have to worry about adding people to the Group/community or having to manually confirm payments. It happens automatically.

The best part is managing my membership and ensuring that it kicks out anyone who doesn't renew automatically. That alone is gold.

This is something that I really like. The seamlessness in onboarding people into your community is really beautiful.

Ezeora Angel - Ad Targeting Parameter Expert

Q - How will you describe your experience with Nestuge so far?

Previously, when people pay for my community, after uploading the course materials on google drive, I start sharing the link one by one and confirming payment. 

Sometimes they may have issue signing up and I have to start spending my time trying to help them sort it out the issues. Another problem I faced was when I give people access to my group link and they start sharing it with their friends. 

But since I started using NESTUGE I never have to do all this anymore. Nestuge helps me receive payment and give my studenst automatic access to my courses and onboard them to the group without me having to do anything. 

If you are looking for a seamless platform to help you give people access to your courses and automatically onboard them to your community immediately then I recommend NESTUGE.

Piriye Dima-Dede - Marketing Specialist & Meta Ads Manager.

Q -You have been using Nestuge, how will you describe the platform? 

EASE. That's one word I would use to describe the value Nestuge provides to me as a business owner and creator!

I can sleep and wake up to find that I've made a sale and the customer has already gotten access to the course or community without having to wait for me to grant access!

Nestuge works so well, so smoothly and it's a time-saver!

I'm currently working on moving all my digital products across my businesses to Nestuge because it's just that good. I highly recommend Nestuge to every business owner or creator who wants to automate their sales and experience more ease with selling courses, programmes and more!

Adewumi Alphonso - Career Coach @yourhrladyseries

Q - Why did you decide to use Nestuge and what do you like the most about Nestuge?

I was looking for a one stop platform for my paid bootcamp when I was introduced to Nestuge. The platform is user friendly, it ensured my students were able to register and pay in any currency.

I also like that the platform helped me communicate with my students throughout the bootcamp and it integrates well with other platforms. I highly recommend it!

These are some of the amazing reviews from our users and some benefits of using Nestuge. If you want to expereince all of these and more, visit today and start selling today!

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