How to host and sell your Digital Courses on Google Drive through Nestuge

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Feb 28, 2024


Ruth Okoli

Ruth Okoli

Head of Growth, Marketing

Google Drive has become one of the easiest and fastest ways to store all kinds of data for digital creators and coaches. It also provides an easy outlet for hosting digital courses and products.

However, this poses a new kind of challenge; manually receiving payment from hundreds of customers that want to pay for your digital product and also manually giving them access to the Google Drive folder hosting your courses.

With Nestuge, hosting your courses on Google Drive and selling them to your customers just got 10 times easier, faster and also AUTOMATED!!

With our Google Drive integration on Nestuge, you can share files to your audience without having to manually accept every request and also receive payments from them.

Here is a step by step process on how to enable the google drive integration on Nestuge

  1. Sign in to Nestuge and on the top left hand corner, click on integrations.

  2. Go ahead to click on Google Drive

  3. Click on the prompt that reads “Sign in with Google”at the top right corner of your screen.

  4. Go ahead to sign in to Nestuge with Google which takes you directly to your Google account. Click on “Continue”

  5. Afterwards, Nestuge requests access To your Google account. Click on “Allow”

  6. Once that is done, click on the back button and go ahead to create a nest in order to start sharing your Google Drive folders or file with your clients

NB: Nestuge does not have access to your entire Google Drive files, it only has access to your the file/folder that hosts your digital courses.

After you have connected your Google Drive integration, the next step is to create a Nest and start selling the digital products in your Google Drive file or folder.

  1. Click on “My Nests” in the top left corner of your dashboard.

  2. Go ahead to create a new nest and click on the Course category.

  3. Click on continue and fill in the details as necessary [title, description, image that best describes your course].

  4. Click Add new items under resource items [they are the items you want your audience to receive after registration and payment].

  5. Copy the link to your google drive file or folder that hosts your digital courses.

  6. Fill in the title of the digital course and paste the link.

  7. For permission settings, you can choose to make your resource “Read only” or “ Downloadable”

  8. You can also choose the preferred date and time you want it to be accessible to your subscribers or choose to remove the subscriber when the subscription has expired.

  9. Save and continue.

Next, you fill the Form Section

Choose whatever information you would like your subscribers to fill in like their name, email address, phone number and whatever questions you would like to ask.

Next, the Payment Section

Here you can choose if you want your subscribers to Pay once, Recurring payment (like a monthly subscription), Pay what they want (and add a minimum amount) or Pay in instalments.

After this you can add any other automations of your choice e.g Send an e-mail to a subscriber when they register, Add the subscriber to telegram community and send a welcome message in a telegram group etc.

Then click on finish and it takes you to your Nest dashboard.

Voila! You're done! Copy the link and share it with your audience for them to pay for your digital courses and get automatic access to your google drive folder or file after payment.

Visit to get started now.

Happy Selling!

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