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In life, there are certain things which you find yourself doing extremely well with little efforts and for others, you have to put in more efforts in order to achieve them. Discovering your talents and acquiring skills is one thing but converting them and letting the world know what you can do is another important thing you need to work on.

How to showcase your talents and skills as a student

Most times as a student you  work  on some projects. While working on these projects, you might make your own discoveries, observations and so on. Some of the times, you have let them go simply because you didn’t know where to go from there. Fear of your teacher telling you it’s not good enough or your mates laughing at you could make you think of them as something not big. But always remember that creating something big comes from appreciating the little things which some people might think do not matter.

You can rap, sing , draw or paint but because you think you are not good enough, you don’t think about sharing those art works for everyone to see. Some other times when you think you have gotten something good, you want to become better.

Showcasing your skills and talents to your mates is very important for self development. Imagine how comfortable you feel to express yourself in a room where there are professors, famous people and celebrities  as compared to if you were talking to your friends or mates especially if it is something connected with showing or talking about your idea.Their is a tendency that you will get nervous.  As someone who is still trying to develop yourself, starting out with your friends and mates will help you a lot. This is because you feel a lot at home in their midst. They understand you better and give you suggestions to help improve you.

In CampusKonekt, we allow you to freely express yourself in a fun way. We let you do the thing you love doing and even get better at it. As an upcoming artist, designer or fashionista, you can put up your songs, freestyles, covers, designs and so on. Your friends will rate it, give you their feedbacks and also share with their friends.  We believe  that everyone has something to offer and in growing one another.

Live your life while you still have opportunity to fill it with good and fun memories. Stay konekted and you will always be smiling.

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