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Overcome Insecurity and Inferiority Complex

It is a normal thing to feel that you are not the best of who you would like to be, but how you treat that feeling is very important to decide your next chapter. Insecurity is like a sting that will always make you see your little challenges as a big problem. It will make you think that everyone else is better than you.

Your friends are already living their best life with cars, enough to eat, houses and as much fun as they want. Then you will think that; maybe

  1. I am not handsome
  2. I am fat / too lean
  3. I am not working hard enough
  4. I cannot talk very well
  5. I don’t look so good on clothe

Maybe I am not meant to drive a car or live in such house

These are very common in the society, but the question is; Have you ever thought of how good you could be when you learn how to control that unwanted feeling and thoughts?

Here is the solution to help you smile once again as because All Is Well:

Step 1

What are those things that weigh you down?

  1. Take a sheet of paper and list them down in bullet form; write as much as possible (at least 10 assumed weaknesses).
  2. Try your best to find a common link (word) between all those listed.
  3. Find a particular (one) name and give to all those Ten (10) weaknesses.

For Example: He can’t speak well, Ugly, Poor etc.

Common Name: Poor.

Step 2:

What are those things that you remember and feel proud?

  1. List down all your strengths. Everything that you think you are good at. Try as much to remember at least 20 Strengths.
  2. In each of the listed strengths, elaborate the strengths into sub-strengths.

For Example

Strengths: Knowledgeable, Content Creation, Can Swim, Creative, Dance Well etc.

Choose: Content Creation and elaborate as; Blog Writing, Article writing, News Writing, Editing and Proof-Reading, Technical Writing etc.

Now you have many major and sub strengths.


Whenever you are feeling like; I can’t speak well, tell youself that I can write well.

This will be recorded in your brain that for every challenges or weakness, there is equal and greater portion of strength and with time, you will start to feel you are actually better than you think about yourself.

 Step 3:

Double your strength over your weakness

This step is not for everyone, the Step 2 is enough to solve almost everything related to Inferiority Complex and Insecurities. In rare case you will need to consider the Step 3.

Now you have so many strengths and qualities, and you can only see that your weakness is being poor. You have to start working at becoming rich and every other weakness will be sorted out under this umbrella. At this stage, you will start focusing on so many strengths that you have and your way of thinking will automatically change. And that is the end road for insecurity and Inferiority complex.


Post Author: Chidiebere Ogbodo

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