Our team comprises professionals and people who are dedicated, talented and good at what they do. We come from different social and cultural backgrounds and being able  to put all that together, we achieve a greater understanding of our target market.

Titus U. Nelson Eze, CEO/Co-Founder Nestuge Tech.

T. U. Nelson Eze

Nelson is a tech enthusiast who has experience in product development and team management. Currently specialises in the design and technology of electronic materials. He's also skilled in User Interface designs, prototyping and frontend development of mobile and web applications.
Co-Founder at Nestuge Tech.

Colins C. Okpe

A final year student with zealous interest in advocacy and international laws. An enthusiast in technology, team management and project management. Colins is skilled in creative and content writing. He's also the Director in-charge of our Ambassadors program.
Cornelius Michael Okoro- COO at Nestuge Tech.

Cornelius Michael Okoro

Chief Operations Officer
Cornelius is the true definition of an effective coordinator. Over the years of his professional engagements across various Tech industries, he has always proved himself as an astounding innovator. He loves everything technology, and performs well in leading team of professionals through various tough and light projects. Being a professional electrical and electronics engineer, we believe in his proficiency in handling critical issues; and he has always proved us right. He is best at effective business operations and believes that Nestuge Tech has a bright future.
Fa'ad Abubakar - Software Engineer at Nestuge Tech.

Fa'ad Abubakar

Chief Technical Officer
Fa'ad has over 4 years experience in software programming and development. As a graduate of Computer science, he's familiar with with a wide variety of software engineering principles and tools, UX/UI techniques, web design, computer security, data analysis and operating systems. Designing robust software architecture, distributed systems and solid understanding of solid patterns are his major interests. With all these he's able to bring in innovative ideas and better methods of implementation to the Nestuge Tech. team.
Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo, CMO at Nestuge Tech.

Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo

Chief Marketing Officer
Moses is an experienced Content Writer, Customer Management Specialist, Marketing Research Analyst and an innovative Team Leader. With First Class Hon’s in Bachelor of Computer Application and practical knowledge in Project Management, Chidiebere is able to coordinate the flow of operations in our Organization. Chidiebere Moses fares well in a multi-cultural environment. And this has aided his quest to contribute to the growth of Nestuge Tech and its continuous development.
Kolawole Olunana - Software developer at Nestuge Tech.

Kolawole Olunana

Full-stack Software Developer
Kolawole is a trained physicist who fell in love with coding while studying and has since decided to make a career in the science and technology industry. Kolawole is skilled in languages such as JavaScript, Python and PHP with over 4 years experience. Being part of Nestuge team, he strongly believes that science and technology has a lot to offer in solving many of the world's problems.
Ademola Abel , Graphics designer at Nestuge Tech.

Ademola Abel

Graphics Designer
Abel is an experienced creative graphics designer and also graduate of Entrepreneurship. He is a resourceful and imaginative designer who combines entrepreneurship and designs to create innovative and intelligent designing solutions. Abel is communicative, skilled, visionary and result-driven. He is detail-oriented and flexible, he does not get flustered easily when faced with unexpected challenges. Being a multi-faceted and elegant designer has enabled his strong contribution to the exceptionality of Nestuge Tech productions.
Agboola Omotola Butler - Digital Marketer at Nestuge Tech.

Agboola Omotola Butler

Digital Marketer
Omotola is a graduate of mass communication with great experience in sensational creative writing and social media marketing. Being active and dedicated to the vision of the company, she not only brings in contents of humour and circumstances but of high value and enlightenment. She's a model who loves singing and story-telling.
ALABI ADEBAYO AKINTUNDE The Video Animator at Nestuge Tech

Alabi Adebayo Akintunde

Video Animator
Adebayo is a well-renowned creator of whiteboard animations. His consistency in quality of production is a key factor for the success of Nestuge Tech’s easy appeal to the society’s taste for everything media related.   Adebayo is a graduate of Archaeology and Anthropology. With over 2 years experience in producing Whiteboard Animations and Kinetic Typography Videos for Top brands. As a member of the Nestuge Team, I strongly believe that, Animation is very important and useful for promoting ideas.