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Make Money Work for You – The 9 Stages to Freedom

Make Money Work for You is a guide to understand; The complete stages of success and life of FREEDOM as an independent hustler.

The Patient Investor learns how to make money to work for Him or Her from paying attention to his stepping stone days. Making money to work for you does not have a single thing that if you do it, then it will happen. Rather, the ideas of how to achieve it, is learnt during the time when you are struggling to give your life a meaning. So pay good attention to what you are meeting on the way to your destination.

At first you will seem confused about where and how to invest. It may be because, you have various platforms where you are putting in your resources, but unfortunately and at the moment, it is not yet paying off. The good news is; do not stop increasing your investment capacity just because it is not paying off instantly, because what will last forever and ever big, will take like never to mature, so be a patient investor.

Making money to work for you requires a few and well calculated process.

This starts from your;

Big Dream – The thinking Period

When you were in high school, you had so many dreams of either becoming a doctor, software engineer or even a Teacher, but you most likely did not think of owning your own computer manufacturing company. This is not computer parts assembling company, but a company that will produce every parts of the computer and then have an assembling unit.

Now that you are a grown up, you came to understand that it is not very easy to become a Software Engineer, talk more of owning  your own Computer Manufacturing Firm.

Now Listen!

As you did not give up on becoming the best of you in educational career, such as becoming a Medical Doctor, or a software Engineer, if you could believe one more bigger in yourself and avoid some current distraction and invest more of your time into building your own establishment; you will reach that goal at the end.

Think of Buying a private Jet and work towards it, if you could not make it to a private jet, you will land on a Custom-Made-SUV. The point is, you need to think very big that you will be really challenged to even give up, but if you think just about small things, you will end up feeding on paycheque.



Action Plans – The multi-indulgent stage

There are various roads to good life, but one way to ultimate success. The final destination is determined by your prior preparations. If you did not plan well, you will follow any road that you see first.

See, you need to plan so many things. There is no single guaranteed plan to reach your life goals. You just need to make every minute of the day count. Put it to work by trying out so many lines of actions, because amongst them, one will work out, then the others will be a chain of business.

Money works in chains, so create a chain of business and money will work for you.

Example: Landlords and Home Owners make money while sleeping, which is a clear evidence of money working for you, but in their earlier days, they were struggling to start trading businesses. Now they are home owners and tenants are paying rent to live, then the revenues can be channeled to build their earlier dreams of owning trading outlets.

Dreams come true, are thoughts and actions patiently engineered.

Stress and Confusion Period

While planning, you are definitely going to experience so much confusion. Even you will feel like, ahhhh!! am I sure this is going to work out as planned or should I just go to sleep and forget about all the things.

Remember this; Sleep five or ten years, when you wake up your challenges will still be there unsolved. So act now.

Don’t worry about the stress; don’t confuse yourself with so much negative thinking. Become too positive to extent you forget that the word negative and that its synonyms exist. To win over confusion, give name to your dream, sub title and write them in short note so that you can always refer to them when necessary.

Persistency – The Multiple Advisers period

If you don’t give up so soon, one day you will view the world from a great height.

This is similar to stress and confusion stage, but the difference is that, the initial was or maybe when you were alone on your race to success. The latter is that, you will start meeting many people who will be trying to advice you.

Do it this way, do it that way! And in most cases, they are seeking for opportunities to reap credit when you finally make it.  Listen; do not waste your time on those people, but learn one or two things and play as if nothing passed through your ears. Be concentrated and take a few more steps because your determination will lead you to your destination at the right time.

Am Fed up / Give up or die trying

Being persistent with high positivity will land you to the stage where you can actually control the rough thought system called as; Am Fed Up!!

You will start feeling like; I need to give up because I am loosing so many friends, my family are also taking me for a failure.

Oh I need to try something else!!

If you stay through to what you learnt over the years about being persistent and practicing true determination, in a short while you will see the next staircase duly dressed for your royal footstep (success).

Boom! I made it

Success is really a lifesaving event. I called it event because it requires steps and planning, fall and rising, concentration and distraction moments, but what matters is that you enjoyed and learnt many valuable lessons along the line until you were able to reach your goal.

Always remember that you will always make it, and for this purpose or mindset, you should always set big goals and even bigger goals than anybody can imagine.

You will always become the richest man on earth, if only you believed in yourself and work towards making it happen. At this stage when you now taste the first part of your true success, do not be distracted; rather learn to involve more of self-discipline and humility to await the true picture of the next chapter.

Story of my life Period – Remark for the Helping-Hands

Write a good story about your life, embed the tough moments for memories and point of reference so that you will not feel too comfortable and allow yourself to fall back to the crumbling stage again.

Always remember to include the snippet of those people who played vital roles in ensuring that you reached your goals in life; maybe your mother was there, your very good friend who believed in you, your spouse or girlfriend, your father or even your teachers in the college days.

This will generate more good wishes from the universe. If you felt you made it alone, you may have to face the tougher stage alone and that is not so encouraging in any one’s life.


Maintenance and Fear of losing

You hustled through thick and torn and build your mansions all-over the city spots. Now there are various people paying money into your account and many more of its kind. This is what I am using as example of success.

Remember that you are going to start to feel a certain degree of insecurity, such as for; I do not want to lose any of my properties, I do not want to die so early and not enjoy my wealth.

The solution to this, is simple; when you get to surplus level, learn to give to the society. The society here may include your God/god.  And technically speaking, please back yourself up with due legal documents and stay safe than cure the injury when it has already started.

We are too blessed to fail – Rich Forever

It is possible to become rich forever. You paid the price. The lessons you learnt from the early stage of your life is good enough to keep your eyes open to observe at the earliest anything that will/may want to bring you down.

In all, remain humble, because no matter how much money you have today, tomorrow it will be small amount compared to what another person may generate.  Do not call unnecessary attention to yourself by being too proud and making the people around you to feel inferior. It is dangerous.

Remain humble to remain rich forever. Never be too comfortable with the immediate wealth, so that you do not learn new ways to keep up with the innovation.  As the world is experiencing a continuous rotation is as life and everything else is changing and that is a factor to remind you that you should be flexible enough to grow seamlessly and continuously.

Post Author: Chidiebere Ogbodo

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