Nestuge Tech. LTD is a Nigerian-based Software and Internet company which is concerned with creating innovative and problem-solving platforms and products using modern and cutting-edge technologies.

The Company was founded in 2017 by CEO, Titus Ugochukwu Nelson Eze widely known as Nelson in the social space and Co-founded by Colins  C. Okpe.

The CampusKonekt Platform is our first project. This innovation started when the two decided to work on a project that was meant for students in higher institutions, which was initially called Campusmarket. Since then, a lot of transformations gave rise to the current platform.



There is an unprecedented increase in number of technologies that are springing up daily. They are mainly targeted at solving the challenges of mankind and to make the world a better place. This development is putting up a big wall of challenge to emerging entrepreneurs and also shaking the base of the leading brands. This has brought increase in competition, but in all, there is always something good to learn and earn.

The invention of the internet and social networking sites subsequently have over the years made the world smaller, brought people and things from different parts of the planet together. While a lot have been achieved, some people still believe that the surface of what is possible with this great innovation is yet to be fully utilized.

No matter how small the world looks today and how close it has brought people, we have reasons to believe that with better technologies, it could be smaller, bring people closer and do other things never imagined of.


A Platform of Unity of Purpose in Diversity of Abilities – CAMPUSKONEKT 


We aim to create a student culture. A way of life that is exclusively identifiable by the student population all over the world. We understand that today’s reality has a direct bearing on the world’s future. In an age where the influence of the internet cannot be neglected, we did not think twice before we ventured into that sphere in a bid to secure that future firmly for all the young people around the world.

One advantage of being active in the tech world is that you rise and fall with its tide, which gives one a worthwhile experience. There is a limited value given to such innovation in third world regions, but that shows that the market is still full of potentials and we will make the best use of it by selling ourselves, not just as a name but a utility.


Providing Education at your Doorstep Digitally:


Taking a closer look at the Education sector today, you will understand the increasing needs for education-encouraging technologies and a platform for effective knowledge management solutions such that Nestuge Tech is providing. The conventional libraries we used to have are being transformed into virtual libraries affording students more ease and flexibility in accessing academic materials. Employers are highly interested in hiring tech savvy employees and most job opportunities now are advertised online and not on doorposts or notice boards as was the custom erstwhile.

We could go on and on. These and more are what we are bringing to the students and we hope to build that smaller ecosystem of the future through campuskonekt.


Helping Students to Help their Friends:


We are building a platform where students can help themselves and continue the thread until everyone’s problem is solved through collaboration of knowledge.

Students need all the encouragement they can get and the most sincere ones come from their friends who also share in their interests. Building up one’s talents, skills and career at that early stage is very important and crucial for a successful future. Imagine if students who have skills in fashion designing, photography, make-ups, singing, dancing, drawing and so on can easily showcase their works for others to rate and help them improve? There will be greater achievements. Student startups can also promote their works, products and services on our platform for their fellow students.


The Helping Hands that Build a Brighter Future:


At Nestuge Tech, the notion of success is like a birthright and the creative leaders of this innovation believes in identifying an idea and fortifying it with enough resources in such a way that no one has ever done before. Mr. Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo, CMO at Nestuge Tech stresses the need to stand out unique by treating the users of our products as a part of our family. We know that the success of our organization depends more on the satisfaction of the masses and we have promised to always carry everyone along.

We are aiming the world at large through technology that understands human emotions. We promise to always give ear to students needs and respond with the most befitting solutions and on time.


The Brighter Future with Human-Oriented Algorithm:


Our algorithm makes use of the users’ data to suggest from any part of the world other users who share similar interests, and courses of study to one another. They can chat together right away either privately, in a group or in the hub. A user has the ability to control who and with who, they chat with or hubs and groups that they are being added to.


There are a lot of other innovative features which we have reserved for subsequent updates so as to keep us with the latest and trending technologies.

One of the core principles of this platform is that it is and will always remain exclusively for students. Our target audience cuts across the globe but we have decided to start out with some countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.